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Incredible Features and Benefits

STELIGHT cuts are the best friends of both women and men.

SHE will be delighted with an exceptional jewel, being the center of attraction and feeling proud to possess a truly unique jewel.

HE will not necessarily have to sacrifice lots of his patrimony as we offer a wide range of price options from mine diamond, cultivated diamond, to our exclusive model based on MOISSANITE *.

MOISSANITE * is an extraordinary stone with multiple applications, ranging from its traditional use in jewelry as a gem, to as an alternative to diamond.

Due to its great hardness, it is very useful to withstand high pressure, competing directly with diamond through its own characteristics.

Large diamonds are prohibitively expensive. Consequently, moissanite is a more realistic choice. MOISSANITE is also ecological and sustainable, completely distancing itself from the negative connotations associated with some diamonds, for example the so-called blood diamonds related to excessive human exploitation.

Due to their high thermal conductivity, brilliance, and hardness like diamonds, on many occasions they are practically indistinguishable even to the naked eye of experts and testers.


Comparative physical properties

diamante sombra

Personalization, value, and security

An exclusive advantage for our clients is the possibility of including a serial number on the headband (girdle) of each gem in order to increase security and value.

Additionally, you will be given a CERTIFICATE OF AUTHENTICITY that contains the exact description of the properties of your gem such as the name of the constellation to which it belongs, its serial number, the name of the design, proportions, and technical data.


Interesting facts about Moissanite

In 1893, the French chemist laureated with Nobel Prize Dr. Henri Moissan discovered these brilliant fragments of silicon carbide in Devil's Canyon. In 1905, this new gemstone was named MOISSANITE, in honor of Henry Moissan's contribution to Moissanite technology research.

MOISSANITE gems are very rare and can only be found in extreme environments, such as meteorites, mantle rocks, and inclusions in small diamonds. A North Carolina laboratory first used high technology to develop this great Moissanite gemstone. In 1996, it was produced exclusively by an American company combining patented cutting technology obtaining a spark brighter even than diamond. Its marketing success was overwhelming, its beauty and brilliance since then goes beyond the diamonds themselves.

Moissanite has a MOLAR HARDNESS of 9.25, second only to South African diamonds. This hardness is higher than other gemstones and makes it very difficult to scrape and crack, plus it lasts forever.

In a comparison - Moissanite vs. Diamond - the former wins by far because it has all the advantages of diamonds, but surpassing them in their most precious feature, which is brilliance. This is not to mention the human effort required by the diamond to extract it from the earth, which makes the MOISSANITE less expensive to obtain

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