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Parallel Lines
Parallel Lines

I am Estela Duran



You may know me for my professional experience in mental health, where I´ve had the opportunity to meet very inspiring people and stories, but today I introduce myself in this new chapter of my life, as a designer of high-quality flashing gem stones.

STELIGHT© represent the challenge of taking the design of gems to another level, exceeding standard specifications and pushing them to the limit of their possibilities, exploring multiple facets, vibrant colors, and spectacular designs, which will make the owner of a STELIGHT© take the spotlight.

Give yourself the opportunity to take a STAR from a constellation specially for you. Wearing an astonishing STELIGHT©, you will be truly hypnotized, as it will be impossible to stop admiring it.

Parallel Lines

Our STELIGHT© brand is characterized by having many more facets than the typical traditional diamond cut, which has only 57 or 58 facets.

Our STELIGH ® have an extreme number of cuts. Until now our CONSTELLATIONS family collection is made up of the following designs:

STELIGHT Ceti © has 67 facets,

STELIGHT Horologi © has 71,

STELIGHT Arieti © has 96,

STELIGHT Centauri © has 104,

STELIGHT Serpenti © has 112,

STELIGHT Draconi © has 136,

STELIGHT Scorpi © has 136,

STELIGHT Scuti ©has 139,

STELIGHT Corvi © has 153,

STELIGHT Persei © has 156,

STELIGHT Infiniti© has 1000+



Our cuts add so many facets that directly impact the refraction of the light, such as the angles, sizes and shapes.  Each one of our cut designs has it´s own laser engraved serial number.

Parallel Lines

Extraordinary designs and colors that go beyond the limits of


Extreme faceting, unparalleled shine, shades, and exquisite details in each piece.


Parallel Lines
Map of stars. Map of the sky at night, c

Our new Collection


Parallel Lines
pinza verde
Serpenti 152 Microscopio.jpeg

Distinction & Passion

in all the designs of our collection


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