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S T E L I G H T ® makes an
homage TO WOMAN

S T E L I G H T ® makes an homage TO WOMAN… Taking a star from the sky, inspired by 11 different constellations, which we have associated aTYPOLOGY OF PERSONALITY with which every woman can identify. highlighting the multiple facets that characterize WOMEN.

Our signature  S T E L I G H T ® revolutionizes the gem market CHALLENGING the conventional 57-58 facet diamond cut, with the design of 11 incredible  copyrighted cuts ranging from 67 facets to a countless number.


 I commit with MYSELF.


I promise to love and respect myself EVERY DAY OF MY LIFE.


I promise that I’ll never allow anything or anyone to harm me, not even myself.


I promise to NEVER depend on ANYONE, neither financially or emotionally.


I know how to love.

That’s why S T E L I G H T ® women 


Only commit with you IF…


You love me,

You respect me

 You treat me

 You help me become a better person.


I CAN give myself a S T E L I G H T ® as a sign of my commitment with me, but it would be wonderful to receive it from someone who respects my philosophy.


S T E L I G H T ® women are: sensitive, precise, leaders, free, wise, successful, seductive, protective, curious, loyal, and KNOW TO LOVE INFINITELY!




I'm with you because I don't need you at all! But ... I want you for everything! 



E s t e l a  D u r a n

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