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The difference that makes the difference: STELIGHT®

  • Beauty: More sparkle and fire than a natural diamond. Brighter than a diamond itself.

  • Innovation: Extreme faceting from 67 to countless facets.

  • Exclusivity: Original designs, shapes, and colors for new generations.

  • Emotional connection: Intrinsic symbology for each woman represented in 11 models.

  • Quality: It is the best in quality and hardness after a perfect natural diamond.

  • Accessibility: Budget friendly. Excellent value for your money.

  • Sustainability: Responsible choice with the land. Ecological, ethical, and minimal carbon footprint.

  • Warrantee: GRA Certificate (Gales Gemological Research Association).

  • Security: Serial numbers engraved with laser, giving the buyer certainty and security.

  • Prestige: Supported by a widely recognized public figure with a solid image, like Ph.D. Estela Duran

diamante sombra

Incredible Features and Benefits

​STELIGHT® is made of top quality moissanite. Due to its great hardness, it is very resistant to high pressures, rivaling directly with diamond´s properties and becoming a strong alternative. Also, large diamonds are prohibitively expensive, therefore STELIGHT® is a more realistic choice. 


STELIGHT® is ECO-FRIENDLY, and completely unrelated with negative associations (as the so called "blood diamonds"), linked to excessive human exploitation.

Due to their high thermal conductivity, brightness, and hardness, STELIGHT® is very alike in certain properties to a diamond. 


Visually is very hard to differentiate STELIGHT® from a natural diamond. In addition, most diamond testers test STELIGHT® as a diamond.

Comparative physical properties

Personalization, value, and security


An exclusive advantage for our clients is that STELIGHT® includes a particular serial number on the headband (girdle) of each gem, to safeguard your money value.


Additionally, you will be given a CERTIFICATE OF AUTHENTICITY that contains the exact description of the properties of your STELIGHT® such as serial number, proportions, and other technical data.

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